Tokyo Imperial Palace 皇居

Tokyo Imperial Palace is the Japan Emperor's Palace. It is located in the heart of Tokyo, and surrounded by office buildings and government house. When you look at the map of Tokyo, because any road and any train and any subway don't pass through the Imperial Palace, you'll notice that it has become a blank area of the circle which is surrounded by a moat.


The outer periphery of the Imperial Palace is 5km length jogging course, and a lot of runners is enjoying jogging every day. Along the course, there are the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court, you'll understand that the Japanese national functions are concentrated here.


The Japan Emperor's Palace was in Kyoto at past, and it was moved to Tokyo in 1869. At that time, Tokyo Imperial Palace was Edo Castle which is the residence of the Tokugawa Shogun and the Government Office of the Edo Shogunate. Each of gates and stone walls and moats are remains of Edo Castle. Hanzomon, Sakuradamon, Nijubashi, Otemachi, and Takebashi known as the station name of the subway, are derived from Edo Castle.
To Imperial Palace is a short walk from Tokyo Station, travelers also can access easily.


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